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The Oxfordshire NUT is eager to encourage and invite you to take as big a role in the Union as you are able to take on. Whether it’s volunteering five minutes of your time to put leaflets in staff pigeonholes, fifteen minutes to make some phone calls, a couple of hours to help run events or taking on a role as a school rep – whatever you can do will be welcomed and valued. We know that teachers have extraordinary demands on their time but we’d like to assure you that playing a part in the union need not be a burden – it can be rewarding and even fun.

If you would like to get involved do contact us to find out more or print off and return this postcard.

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As a parent of two children at schools in Oxford, I am fully supportive of NUT campaigns.  Teachers work so hard to deliver high quality education to our children and I am very clear that good education is a right, not a privilege. – Tracy Walsh, parent.
The NUT in Oxfordshire has been at the forefront in drawing attention to the threats our children face if education reforms continue to favour the privileged few. Every child should have access to a qualified teacher, and a school which champions the interests of every child, irrespective of postcode, parentage or perceived academic potential. – Chris Davis, parent.