NUT Representatives

Are you worn out with continual criticism, ever increasing workload, and diminishing pay and conditions?  Do you love your job but just wish teachers were listened to as professionals? Would you like to help the NUT campaign to change this situation and make your workplace a fairer place to be?

You could make a real difference by becoming an NUT Rep.  Or, if you already have an effective Rep, by offering to support them in their role.

NUT Representatives play a crucial role within the NUT.  They are the essential link between members in a particular school or service and the wider Union.  They keep members informed of the latest developments in education and keep the Union informed of the views of members. They lead campaigns and bring teachers together to change education for the better.

There has never been a more important time to become an NUT Rep.  With this government’s attacks on teachers, education and public services in general, there is a real need for a strong voice in defence of teachers and education.  If you think you could contribute to that voice, alongside others, please sign up for newsletter to get involved:

If you think you could contribute to that voice, alongside others, please contact us about becoming a rep.


As a parent of two children at schools in Oxford, I am fully supportive of NUT campaigns.  Teachers work so hard to deliver high quality education to our children and I am very clear that good education is a right, not a privilege. – Tracy Walsh, parent.
The NUT in Oxfordshire has been at the forefront in drawing attention to the threats our children face if education reforms continue to favour the privileged few. Every child should have access to a qualified teacher, and a school which champions the interests of every child, irrespective of postcode, parentage or perceived academic potential. – Chris Davis, parent.


This area is for OX NUT Reps.